Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Windows

Notice slipped under the door announcing installation of new windows would take place February 20 and 21.  I was informed of this update earlier.  I will have to remove all sixteen shutters from the bay window and replace them with drapes. 

Updating My Home Life
Back in June of 2012 I found myself home 24/7 - the first time in many many years and needed something to fill my time.  I had boxes, old furniture, clothes and crap filling up the place.  I looked into getting it all removed and the City agreed to haul it all away.  Every resident is allowed to place items on the sidewalk for City pickup.  I had a huge sectional sofa, wing chairs, kitchen and side tables, four large carpets and boxes and boxes of computer items from printers to scanners to cords and technical devices. 

Then I repainted - something I hadn't done for years.  I purchased a custom-sized six foot tall queen-sized loft bed that I had to install myself and a beautiful 10X15' handwoven oriental carpet out of China (delivered by UPS right to my third floor apartment door).  Furniture that was useable I sold on Craig's List and used that for additional remodeling.  I removed all the old doors from every room - kitchen, bathroom, living room, closets, bedroom, pantry and replaced them with double louvered doors.  Everything was painted cake icing white, including the floor, all semi-gloss.  The white makes all the new space appear to be even bigger than it is.

To get in and out of the bed I needed a ladder of some kind.  I have four cats, all sisters, and they needed a way to climb into the bed too so I found a company up the coast who makes outdoor furniture out of aged Redwood.  They offered a beautiful tall stool that when expanded offered three steps.  I had them custom build the stool/stairs to 36 inches (3 feet).  That height makes it perfect for me and the girls to climb into the bed.  I then bought a 5 foot highboy dresser to slip under the loft bed.  Looking at the picture below you can see the beautiful hand-woven oriental carpet.  The bed is 7 feet long and almost six feet wide - plenty of room for me, the girls and an overnight boyfriend.

I removed and discarded the bay window shutters and in early January my building manager dropped by and offered to replace all of my apartment windows with double-paned glass and to put in a shower over my bathtub.

Other items related to the remodel include repainting four kitchen chairs and recovering the seats in the same drapery material that hangs below the loft bed (used for storage).  Here are a few pictures related to the home changes:  a full shot of the carpet, the loft frame as I was putting it together and the Bay window before all the shutters were up and painted white:

Why The Blog?

I dunno.  I just decided to start recording my life and putting it out there as a record.  More tomorrow (or another day....) :-)