Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why I love The Real O'Neals!

     Noah is a true find. I love this show because of the way the family treats Kenny's gayness as just another part of life. And that's how I grew up. Five brothers, one sister and a Dad and as the youngest I was the gay one. The family always treated my gayness as normal, I wasn't given special treatment nor belittled to think being gay was bad. Hell they celebrated it. Last night's show about Dad/son bonding was so true to life for me that I couldn't help but laugh. I was the kid in the family everyone turned to to make that soufflĂ©, put in a zipper, cut my brother's hair, make a fabulous birthday cake because I was just good at it! I look back now and realize my Dad loved me the most and thought he loved me because I was the last of his children. Today I know he saw in me something none of his other sons or daughter possessed and that was what all gay people have - an ability to see life differently and to capitalize on that. Speaking of my sister, she is as deadpan and down to earth as Shannon (Bebe Wood) is as Kenny's sister. A no nonsense slap 'em upside the head kind of girl who couldn't pass English without her little brother's help.
     I know to many of you that seems 'out there' because most gay guys have to hide their true selves, were hated and despised, bullied and beaten. I wasn't and I have my family to thank for that. As a kid I thought all families treated their gay children just like mine treated me. I was naive, of course, and quite sheltered.
     Kenny's dad and brother love him and they show and tell him and that makes Kenny a strong and solid person. When he whipped out those hiking boots (last nights camping trip) my husband, who was in the other room, burst out laughing. "That is soooo you!" he joked. And in an earlier episode when Kenny was pulling out his shirts for judging by his brother and sister who kept saying, "That's a blouse... a blouse... blouse..." until Kenny pulls out a manly flannel shirt and his brother still calls out "blouse!" Kenny objects and says, "This is YOUR shirt!" and Jimmy replies, "Yes, but on you it's a blouse!" - that's the kind of ribbing I took from my brothers. "Dog pile on Cary!" and I was the baby God damn it! You don't dog pile on a little gay boy but it was always fun and silly and it made me feel special.
     That's what I love about this show. Being gay is as normal as being straight. I'll end this post by saying when my brother's best friend went to my dad and asked him if he could marry me, my dad broke down and cried. Mike said, "I wasn't sure what was wrong with him then I realized it wasn't a sad cry because he was smiling. He hugged me and said I had made him a very happy father." And I can see Pat, Kenny's dad, do the very same thing when that special boy comes to him and says, "I'm in love with your son and I want to marry him..."
Watch the show! It's good!  Tuesdays, 8:30PM PST, ABC